Chronology for Elementary Students

Students should be introduced to the concept of dates and chronology early. This is a concept often overlooked by educators because the concept is so simple we erroneously make the assumption that they will catch on later. As a former high school history teacher, I can tell you from experience that students are grappling with the concept of dates and calendars. I created this resource for my own children and have released in my TpT store.

Integrating Math and History

A completely overlooked academic pairing is math and history however there is no reason math skills can’t be reviewed and reinforced in history class (and vice versa). With the introduction of the concept of the chronology of dates, students are engaging in important early math skills as well as learning that dates and history.

Chronology for Elementary Students K - 2

Keeping it Fun

This resource is designed for kindergarten – 2nd grade which means students need something more do than just put numbers in order. They can write their own biographies with print, cut, and go story cards. Important events in their lives can become chronology.

For second grade students, they can work on the chronology of 20th century world history with simple historical prompts.

Common Core Aligned

Students are counting numbers, putting them in order, and making connections between the numbers and the dates making this a Common Core Aligned math resource.

You can also extend the math and history practice with Centuries for Elementary Students which focuses on ordinal numbers and centuries.

Centuries for Elementary Students


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