Teaching with Monopoly 2.0

It took FOREVER but finally Teaching with Monopoly 2.0 is here!!!

What’s New

Four new game scenarios have been added to the TpT resource. Each new game scenario will print on task cards making it more printer-friendly than before. Also, each game has a summary available for student assessment.

One game scenario will ask students to shuffle and deal the cards bringing an added layer of luck to the game play. Another will utilize elements of statistics and probability for one lucky student. Each new scenario makes it easier for you to focus on what you think your students need to know the most!

The Original Monopoly hasn’t been removed either. You still the original four game scenarios and summaries along with the teacher guide, PDF presentation of the history of the game and game symbolism, and discussion prompts. You simply get more games to choose from.

The Creative Process

Teaching with Monopoly 2.0 was actually completed last year. The resource itself was finished and I was working on a video preview when suddenly my computer screen switched to the blue screen of death. I lost everything. I actually barely lost anything because I backup my computer so often but I plowed through the 2.0 update and it was gone.

After that, I dug out two old computers I was saving for just such an occassion and continued to work on saved work but not 2.0. I was heartbroken.

This past summer I began to slowly, SLOWLY put it back together.


To learn more about the original read the original blog here.


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