Five Benefits of Playing Cards in Elementary School

Introduce your students to playing cards. Playing cards will help your students gain a sense of comradery in the classroom as well as many other benefits. Here are five benefits of card playing to help convince you to introduce card games to your littlest learners.

Students learn to concentrate on something and keep their minds active. Taking time to teach your students simple card games helps their memories. Working in small groups, students will have an opportunity to play for fun but also how to win or lose gracefully, something they may not get a chance to practice at home.

Basic math skills are practiced. When dealing the cards to their classmates they have to count the number of cards. Maybe they have to count the number of piles or when utilizing the numbers on cards they have to put them in order. Whatever it is, the math skill practice is hidden and they practice without even knowing it.

Fine and gross motor skills are honed. Holding cards require manual dexterity. Dealing cards works on students motor skills. Their reflexes quicken as they learn to shuffle. As students swipe screens at younger and younger ages, the chances for them to enhance these skills decrease. Playing card games give them opportunities to practice.

Playing cards is an introduction to strategy but learning more involved card games doesn’t happen as quickly or as well if students haven’t played basic games like Go Fish, Old Maid (or as I like to call it Independent Woman), or Crazy Eights. As students grow, so should their ability to look ahead and strategize. Quick mental math skills are key in many card games as well as planning being able to watch and remember the cards played. By playing card games in your class, you are setting your littlest learners up for success.

Playing cards creates a more casual, relaxed environment, giving students a much-needed break. This opportunity is great for schools that often have to contend with poor weather and indoor recess. They bond with their peers and may even want to take the game home and share the fun and quality time with their families.

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