Senet: Play Like An Egyptian

Senet is the world’s oldest known board game. It is very fun to play, easy to learn, and works in any classroom (K – 12)!

About the Game

Senet can be seen in several hieroglyphics and is even mentioned once in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The earliest depiction of the game is from around 3,500 BC and several game boards have been discovered in tombs in Egypt. The game board that was discovered in King Tut’s tomb had a set of the pieces and an elaborate game board.

When you compare the King Tut board to others it is clear that the symbols are different (or maybe just the hieroglyphics changed over time) but something frustrating is that there are no surviving game rules.

Senet 1

From Wikipedia Common. Listed as no restrictions.

Senet Today

Senet is sold today in stores but the game itself is simple enough. I have recreated it in my TpT store and it couldn’t be simpler.

Print the two-page game board, cut two lines and tape together. Now you have a board.

You will need to purchase woodcraft sticks which can be found in many dollar stores or craft stores as well as game pieces. I use glass flower beads. The clear ones came from my flower display in my dining room and the black ones came from a dollar store (and yes, they literally cost me $1. This is not an expensive game.)

Color one side of four wood craft sticks. These will serve as your dice. When you purchase the game from my TpT store you will learn how the dice work.

Then you play! I think it is a lot like checkers and Trouble. My son really liked playing it and my husband and I have added it to our game night rotation.


How to Use in a Classroom

This will work in ANY classroom. Whether you teach kindergarten or seniors, this game will work. It is very easy to play and your students will have a great time.

I have included the known history of the game so this isn’t a history lesson but would work well when you study Ancient Egypt. Plus, playing games helps students build mental stamina, critical thinking, strategy building skills and in some cases, teamwork.

Don’t hestitate – play a game in class today!


One of my cats trying to help!


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