Print and Go Resources for Elementary School History

Don’t skip history in the early grades. Students need to begin learning about important concepts and learning history skills just like they need to learn math. Here is a collection of print and go resources in my TpT store that will support your elementary classroom.

1.Apples and Oranges: Election Edition

Apples and Oranges Election Edition

Teach students about elections and the importance of voting with this non-political lesson. Print the pages and have your students compile the little booklet (it’s only a few pages). Students learn about the candidates in the election: apple and orange.

This little lesson covers the similarities and differences of the candidates. Students also have the opportunity to color the pages. In the end though, they choose their candidate and you have a class vote.

Print the “I voted” cut outs if you choose (or skip since you are looking for print and go) and hand to your students to celebrate their participation.


2. American Flag with the Betsy Ross Flag Bonus

American Flag

Print either flag option and color away. No other prep is needed. No other curriculum is included which makes this a cheap and fun add-on to whatever lesson you are planning.


3. Martha Washington Coloring Quilt

Martha Washington Coloring Quilt

You will need to cut the edges AFTER your students colors but otherwise this is a print and go activity. Add this resource to any early American history lesson you’ve prepared and have your students create a unique classroom quilt that will decorate your wall for a while.


4. Coat of Arms Coloring Pages

Coat of Arms

Teaching medieval history? Have the students design their own coat of arms. For a print and go lesson print the pages listed on the first page and GO! You do not have to cover the few vocabulary words I’ve identified in the lesson. You do not have to watch the streaming TpT video that is included. (Very short though and showcases lots of primary resource images).


5. Illuminated Letters Coloring Pages

Illuminated Letters

Print the first letter of each students name (a tiny bit of work there) and have them color it as they learn about illuminated letters in medieval history. The design is simple because I did not want letter confusion for beginner readers but this is a super fun add-on for your lesson.


6. Ancient Egypt Coloring Workbook

Ancient Egypt Coloring Pages

This workbook includes short reads about the great symbols in Ancient Egypt. Read with your students or have them read independently (better for grades 3 & up) and have students color or doodle as you go. At the end of the workbook, students create their own cartouche by cutting out hieroglyphics and pasting them on the page. Just print, have your students assemble, and GO!


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