Early American History Crafts for Elementary Students

As a lifelong student of history, I absolutely believe we need to introduce history to young students. That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and create some cute crafts at the same time. I have a few very easy crafts for the littlest learners that will enhance your early Amerian history lessons.

1.American Flag Coloring Page

American Flag

This resource is a print and go activity that works for teachers who need something in a pinch but can also be used in so many different ways. Forgot your lesson at home? Print quickly and buy yourself more prep time while students color. Need an adorable background for a different picture or craft? Voila.

Or maybe you want the Betsy Ross flag that comes as a bonus in this resource. Introduce students to the original 13-star flag and compare it to the 50-star flag.


2. Martha Washington Coloring Quilt

Martha Washington Coloring Quilt

Complete this as a large class project. Students can either color their own stars however they wish or use this as an opportunity to practice direction following skills and dictate how students should complete it.

Cut the edges from the pieces and tape together on a classroom wall and you have a great classroom project that will complement any other early American history craft or lesson you plan.

Print with guiding numbers or without.



3. George Washington’s Wig

Washington's Wig

This craft is best for students in pre-k or kindergarten but it can definitely altered a bit for first grade students. It will just take a bit of patience to fit each students head.

Use cotton balls and paste to create these cute wigs that your students can wear as they learn more about George Washington and the American Revolution. George himself didn’t wear a wig but he did style his hear with curls and a low ponytail. Paste a color ribbon on the back for extra pizzazz.


4. George Washington’s Hat

Washington's Hat

Whether you add the hat with the wig craft or use it without, students will look absolutely darling in their own Washington hat. Let them color and accessorize (glitter, gemstones, etc.) as they wish before cutting the hats out. You will need to staple it to fit their head.


5. George Washington Chronology

Washington Chronology

Now that you’ve created a bevy of early American history crafts, complete this chronology about George Washington’s life. Chronologies are important in history and something students will complete many times in their history studies so introduce the concept now. They cut the pieces and paste on Washington’s profile picture.


Early American History Bundle

Bundle them and save!


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