Print and Go Resources for High School World History

It is Thursday morning and you are sick as can be but you can’t call in a substitute.

Ugh! Jury duty!

It’s a beautiful Friday in April and right before first period begins you realize, “I am not in the mood to teach.”

Whatever reason for wanting or needing a print and go resource, feel no shame! Teaching doesn’t automatically mean you need to endure hours of prep time to have a high-quality lesson. These are 6 print and go resources in my TpT store.


Asian Women Short Reads Collection

This one is specific to world history teachers or those lucky enough to teach Asian history in high school. Women are ignored in history classes and especially in Asian history curriculum. Introduce important women (some are part of most curriculum, some are not) and important issues unique to Asian women.

The short reads are short (mind – blown) and won’t take the entire class period to read but they are jam packed with all of the must know information. Students can read them individually, in groups/pairs, or read them together as a whole class.

The entire lesson prints in a workbook so just hit print and have students construct their own workbook.

Purchase them individually (Wu Zetian, Empress Cixi, Filial Piety, Foot binding, Empress Suiko, Eight Empresses of Japan, Murasaki Shikibu, Geisha, Queen Seondeok, Tru’ng Sisters), purchase specific bundles (Chinese Women in History and Japanese Women in History) or in one large bundle (Asian Women Short Reads Bundle).

Each short read resource is common core aligned and focuses on history skills. Skills include historical analysis, historical comprehension, decision-making, and chronology.

Asian Women SR Bundle


Coloring Pages

If you are teaching Ancient Egypt or Medieval Europe try my coloring pages with short reads. Each page illustrates something important from those cultures and the short reads gives a short explanation about why it was important. These workbooks are listed as Not Grade Specific because you can use them with so many different students. High school teachers can use these resources with:

  • struggling readers
  • English-language learners
  • students who have attention problems
  • an introduction lesson

Medieval Coloring PagesAncient Egypt Coloring Pages


Poem of Mulan

In an effort to include more women in history classes I focused on the Poem of Mulan. She may have been a fictional character but she is one of the most famous women from China and an awesome feminist hero.

This Common Core aligned lesson prints as a workbook and contains everything a student needs. One extra step is you need internet for a streaming TpT podcast but no other prep work is necessary. The podcast teaches the lesson while your students follow along with the workbook.

Students will read the Poem of Mulan and listen to a historical analysis. The analysis will cover early Chinese history and other elements you must include in your course such as technological developments in early Chinese military technology. It touches on the Mandate of Heaven, but also there is extensive analysis of gender-roles.

Print the workbook and stream the podcast. No other work is necessary.

Poem of Mulan



Print the blank student boards, project the game on the whiteboard, and click through the prompts. That is all. This is a great way to preview, learn about, or review Chinese, Japanese, or Indian history.

Use in any world history class or Asian history class.

It’s literally that easy.

Chinese Dynasties BINGOJapan History BINGOIndian Bingo


Who Should Get Credit? Leif Erikson or Christopher Columbus

Print a few pages and let students do the work. Students will read two different histories, one that focuses on Leif Erikson and one that focuses on Christopher Columbus before they decide which European explorer discovered North America first.

This is an excellent opportunity to have students practice history thinking skills such as decision-making and opinion forming. Let students debate the merits and faults of both as a whole class so they can have multiple perspectives.

The summaries are Common Core aligned.

Common Core Aligned


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