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Have you found yourself homeschool during coronavirus? Whether you are a new homeschool parent or a veteran teacher we all need some easy digital resources that you can quickly incorporate into your new routine. Here are a list of my 3 favorite high school history resources and 3 elementary social studies resources. 

High School

Asian Women History Short Reads

*Since writing this blog I have loaded these resources as Google Classroom™ resources that can be purchased in my TpT store.*

Created for Asian history or world history classes, all of the Asian women’s short reads were created to introduce students to more women in history. The women included were all amazing leaders during their time but almost all of them have been purposefully erased from history.

Purchase individually (ten choices), in small bundles (Chinese Women’s History or Japanese Women’s history) or the full bundle.

All of the short reads are print and go which means they require absolutely no prep work and you do not have to teach anything. The workbooks include the readings and the summaries.

For teachers reading this blog, the summaries are all Common Core aligned and focus on history skills such as opinion-forming, chronological thinking, and many more.

Chinese Women's History Short Reads BundleJapanese Womens HistoryAsian Women SR Bundle


PERSIA charts

PERSIA charts are an excellent way to take notes in history class. You can also make it an activity by having your student focus on a chapter or unit and have divide must-know vocabulary or concepts into these categories: Political, Economic, Religious, Social, Intelligence (Technology), and the Arts.

Read more about PERSIA charts here on my blog if you need to.

PERSIA Charts 2019

Who Should Get Credit?

This is a great historical analysis exercise. Students learn about Columbus and Leif Erikson and in the end, they get to decide who should get credit as the first European explorer to discover the North American continent.

This resource has been updated since I launched it in my store so please choose the update if you want the print and go resource.

Common Core Aligned



Washington or Lincoln Chronology

These little history resources celebrate two of our most beloved presidents in American history while at the same time actively engaging students in practicing history skills. Print the prompts and Washington’s face or Lincoln’s hat. Students can cut the prompts themselves which makes this a print and go resource for you.

Paste the prompts if you have paste or just have students arrange them.

Washington ChronologyLincoln Chronology


Coat of Arms

Now this resource comes with a streaming TpT video but it is not necessary to complete the lesson – it’s just a bonus. If you are working on medieval history then have students design their own coat of arm just like a real knight would have carried.

Students will love to have some time of freedom to create whatever they want. They can showcase their art skills while they share their interests or hopes and dreams in their design.

Teachers, you can’t download the video but parents, if you are purchasing this for homeschool, the video is intended for student viewing. Preview it, yes but it is safe for every age.

Coat of Arms

Ancient Egypt Coloring Pages

Everybody loves learning about the ancient wonders of early Egyptian history. This resource is actually not grade-specific but I created it with elementary school students in mind. Each page has a short history and I ensured it was easy to read. Read with them for fun or have them read for a challenge but give them time to color the pages – it helps them remember the shapes and the history.

Plus, at the end of the workbook, students get to create their name with cuttable hieroglyphics. This will absolutely be their favorite part of the entire lesson!

Ancient Egypt Coloring Pages


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