Medieval History Coloring Pages with Short Reads

Students love to color but they also need context. These coloring pages do just that with short reads printed right on the page. This TpT resource is flexible as well as a print and go resource. No prep required.

My first grader colored the one on the right and he was so proud to share it.


This resource is listed as “Not Grade Specific” because you can use it with any age group. Introduce medieval history to your elementary students. The pictures give them a visual with an easy to read short read on each page explaining the concept.

Struggling readers have an opportunity to practice keywords with a reading passage that gets directly to the point and limits the word count, making it less likely they get anxious or frustrated with the information.

English language learners have an opportunity to work on site words and illustrations simultaneously.

Use it as a notebook. As students progress through the medieval history unit, have students write new information in their workbook. Keeping it all in one place just may be what your students need.


The Short Reads

Each page was created to include important social studies vocabulary students that students should know but also something that was easy to read. The passages are short, taking a minute to complete but they are packed with what your students need to remember.

Inclusion of a woman

It may only be one page but that is better than many other (dare I say most) curriculum publishers. As a female historian, I have made it my mission to include women’s history in as many lessons as possible, even if it is only one page.

Women have been important since the dawn of humans. We need to strive to learn more about them.



You can also get my Ancient Egypt Coloring Pages with Short Reads in my TpT store.

Ancient Egypt Coloring Pages

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