Updated Resources to use with Google Classroom™

Before coronavirus, I was not going to jump on the Google Classroom™ bandwagon on TpT. I wasn’t prepared to learn how to build resources for it as my life was too busy. After coronavirus, everyone signed up for Google Classroom™ and I had to adapt. I’ve updated a bunch of my resources to be interactive in Google Classroom™ not just something that loads in it. 

Instead of filling in shapes to represent their answer, they are moving pieces around. There are text boxes so students can write their answers right on the work and turn it in rather than creating a new file and sending it to you. Hopefully, this makes it easier for you to assign, grade, and give feedback.

Here’s a look at what I’ve updated so far.

1. High School Resources

At this point, I have updated all of my Asian Women’s History Short Reads. Obviously, this is quite specific to world history or Asian history classes but these were relatively easy to update and I wanted to begin with something that provided no challenge as I learned all of the elements necessary to create an interactive resource in Google Classroom™. (Sometimes simple is best anyway)

Instead of a printed workbook students simply remain in Google Classroom and view the work on their screen. The workbook is now interactive meaning they can type all of their answers right there and do not have to submit anything separately. Instructions are included if they need to copy and paste a symbol for example to answer a question.

None of these resources link to anything external which can give you peace of mind that everything is appropriate for them, won’t violate any district rules, and will never be unavailable.

These are available for purchase individually, in small bundles, or one large bundle. The print-only version is also still available if that still works best for you.

Wu Zetian 1Foot bindingFilial PietyEmpress CixiChinese Women's History Short Reads Bundle

2526GeishaMurasakiJapanese Womens History

Queen SeondeokTru'ng Sisters

Or the bundle so you have them all. The more women we include in the history the better off we all are.

Asian Women SR Bundle


2. Elementary Resources

Historians use math all the time and now you can work on math skills AND history at the same time with your third, fourth, and fifth-grade students. Each volume covers a different era in American history or world history and covers multiple history skills too.

Students work on four-digit subtraction, younger than and older than, timeline creation, and grid coordinate along with some word problems and graph reading.

Volumes 1 and 2 are Common Core aligned to math standards as well which gives you even more incentive to use these in your classroom.

The print-only version is still available in my store but the Google Classroom™ is fully interactive. Students do not submit answers separately and all of the work stays right on the screen. They move shapes around to answer questions and type in textboxes.

Instructions are included for when students need to copy/paste or cut/paste certain lessons.

Each resource is available individually or you can get the full bundle and save.

Math and History Vol. 1Math and History Vol. 2Math and History Vol. 3Math and History Vol. 4Math and History Bundle


For your first, second, and third-grade students I have recreated my Washington and Lincoln Chronologies to work in Google Classroom™. Like everything above, students complete the entire lesson in Google Classroom™ and do not submit anything separately.

Perfect for an American history lesson or President’s Day, students will read the prompts about George Washington or Abraham Lincolns life and put the events in order. The prompts move around on the screen and can be put into place on their original page or cut and pasted to cover Washington’s profile or Lincoln’s hat. (A bit of cute whimsy if you will).

Lincoln ChronologyWashington Chronology

Be sure to follow my store to see all of the updates I complete over the summer and some of the new resources I am creating just for Google Classroom™.


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