Three Fun Games for Teaching Economics

Teaching economics has never been more fun! Integrated games to help students understand the economic concepts they need to know. These games work in both economics and history classes (US, European, or World).

Teaching with Monopoly

Monopoly 2.0

Teaching with Monopoly is a fun way to teach about the basic principles of housing markets, mortgages, income inequality, and debt obligation. Plus students love learning about the history of Monopoly and all of the Great Depression symbolism.

Students actually play the game of Monopoly while they learn about all of these concepts. Students take on different roles and scenarios making this an economics simulation, not just a game.

This works best as a precursor to the Great Depression or the Great Recession (world history, American history, or European history classes) but could also be used to help explain property ownership in the 1800’s and possibly the Gilded Age in American history.

Teaching with Monopoly 2.0 includes a whole new look plus additional learning scenarios.

Please note: the game is not included in the resource. You must purchase at least one Monopoly game at an authorized retailer.


Tulip Mania

Tulip Mania

Tulip Mania is usually a tiny lesson in world history and European history classes because teaching about the infancy of trading markets and speculation is difficult. It took me a year of trial and error but I finally developed Tulip Mania, the economic and speculation teaching card game.

As a Common Core-aligned lesson, students can complete reading passages and vocabulary worksheets but the heart of the resource is the card game.

A totally unique, can’t find anywhere else experience, Tulip Mania helps students understand auctions, trading, market speculation, money management, and booms and busts as they race to beat the end of Tulip Mania.

Created with world history and European history classes in mind.


Teaching with Pit

Teaching with Pit

I played this game a few times as a child and it never left me. When I dug it out of my mom’s closet a few years ago I wanted to build a resource around it and I finally have.

Students learn about the history of Wall Street, stocks, and commodities futures before they play the game. They have an opportunity to track the current price of particular commodities as well as read and create data graphs. This lesson is also Common Core-aligned.

Use in any history class as well as economics. This lesson will enhance your Great Depression and Great Recession lessons and students will walk away with a better understanding of stocks and commodities and stock trends.

Please note: the game is not included in the resource. You must purchase at least one Pit game from an authorized retailer. (Get the one with the bell!)


You can also get all three of these resources in a bundle and save money!

Economics Games Bundle


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