Google Classroom™ History Resources

Now that the US is in the midst of a pandemic schools are turning to digital learning and TpT authors are catching up. I joined the ranks of thousands of teacher-authors who updated resources to work in Google Classroom™. Hopefully you can find something that works in your history classroom.

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High School World History

Asian Women’s History Short Reads

World history courses make poor attempts at including women in their curriculum and that needs to change. Women were important throughout history but they were purposefully ignored and often times evidence of their actions have been deleted from historical writings. One of my missions is to correct that.

Available individually, in small bundles, or one big bundle, you can add women’s history to your Asian studies in world history easily with these workbooks. Each workbook includes questions/summaries that are Common Core-aligned as well as focusing on historical thinking skills such as opinion forming, analysis, chronology, and more.

A print only version is also available but the Google Classroom™ is excellent for distance learning, especially if your school is closed this year. Every short read workbook is interactive in Google Classroom™ and is prep free. All you have to do is assign it.

Chinese Dynasties Puzzles

Especially if your school is closed this year, students need variety in their assignments. Completing worksheet after worksheet drains students motivation. Switch it up with this resource.

There are five prearranged puzzles that will make reviewing the dynasties fun. This would also be a fun way to quiz your students.

Who Should Get Credit? Erikson and Columbus

Columbus is having a bad decade. The movement to eliminate Columbus Day as a federal holiday is steadily growing and many educators are skipping the lesson all together. How about you let students make their own decisions?

Students will read two short biographies about the men and finish by answering a series of questions that will help them decide their own viewpoint. This is another Common Core-aligned resource as well as focusing on historical thinking skills.

This is another assignment that is prep free and all you have to do is assign it.

Elementary Social Studies

Introduce your elementary students a Google Classroom™ activity with these chronologies. The lesson is simple: students will cut and paste the dates and events to place them in chronological order – an essential history skill.

Math & History Full Bundle

Available in four volumes or one big bundle, practice math skills while having a history lesson. Students will learn about or review American history from the Colonial period to the Civil War and then switch to more of a world view for World War I and II.

Timeline creation, four-digit subtraction, older than/younger than, and reading comprehension are all included and these resources are aligned to Common Core math standards.

And since these are now available in Google Classroom™ you don’t have to worry about not being in the classroom. Just assign and wait for your students to submit them.

Geography Descriptive Writing

Not a history resource but still part of the social studies curriculum, this resource supports your students writing skills. If your students struggle to write descriptively about the world around them, use this resource to expand their vocabulary.

This would be an excellent resource to use while you utilize Google Meet™ or load a prerecorded video as this is not a resource that will work as independent work. Because your students have probably never written descriptively about geography this is best as a whole group or small group lesson.

Pennsylvania Geography

Again, not a history resource yet this would work well to introduce PA history. Get started with this workbook that concentrates entirely on PA physical geography.

A mix of interactive workbook pages and short reads, your students will have one of their first introductions to the great state of PA. And since it is intended for use with Google Classroom™ don’t worry about school being out. This meets some PA social studies standards for grades 1 – 3.


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