Whole School Presidential Election Activity

In my small elementary school the teachers decided to have every student vote for who they wanted to win the presidential election in 1992. Students were given an image to color based on who the person/party they were voting for and students cast their votes. Each teacher then added their class votes to a large display board at the entrance to the school for everyone to see.

I still remember this and so will your students.

You get a print out for the two major parties, Democrat and Republican as well as a symbol for all third-party candidates since there are some viable third party candidates sometimes. There is an editable template to write the candidates names each time you use this resource or you could keep the party names.

Print on color paper to reduce the amount of time spent on this activity or let your students color their chosen symbol. If you are having students vote secretly then color paper is probably best.

Get your display board ready and tally those votes! See if your schools vote aligns with your local area, state, and nationally. This is a great way to introduce the popular vote versus the electoral college.

If you are worried about bring politics into the classroom then don’t. Students casting ballots can be secretive just as real voting is. No one should ever feel intimidated or embarrassed about their choice so ensure your students have the privacy they may want.

Don’t let students write their name on their chose to ensure privacy.

This TpT resource carries the same license that all regular purchases carry which will not give you enough to share with all the teachers in your school. An additional discount is automatic for multiple licenses and I ask you honor the fact that this resource took time to create and to pay for appropriate amount of licenses for your school.

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