Pennsylvania Geography for Grades 1 – 3

Pennsylvania is a great state to live. The natural beauty is stunning and should be celebrated with our students. Don’t skip PA geography anymore!

This TpT resource aligns with PA geography standards in grades 1 – 3 and can be completed in one sitting or spaced out for several days. There are several pages of short reads that introduce your students to the wonders that PA offers as well as several pages of activities and coloring.

Because of the grade levels involved I am not recommending this as an independent resource but you know your students the best.

The booklet covers the difference between physical geography and human geography (the workbook focuses on physical geography) and asks students to work with maps. There are a few pages focused on the unique weather patterns of our state and a few tid-bits about extreme weather in the state.

If you are interested in the Google Classroom™ version it is identical to the print only version but the entire resource is interactive and there is no prep work. Again, I would plan on completing this lesson via guided video lesson or Google Meet™.

Get the print only version here.

Ger the Google Classroom™ version here.

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