Geography Descriptive Writing

How would you describe a tree? Firstly, what kind of a tree? Where in the world is this tree because any description is going to rely on the location and type of tree. The point is, expand your descriptive writing activities to include some geography to switch up the adjectives you use.

Inspired by my son after I asked him to describe a tree in the middle of summer. It was tall and brown. I added the word lush since it was full of healthy, green leaves swaying gently in the breeze. (See what I did there?) He had never heard a tree described as lush before and that got me thinking.

(c)2020 Integrated Social Studies
(c)2020 Integrated Social Studies

How do teachers teach descriptive writing?

I did some searching on TpT and found TONS of descriptive writing resources but they were pretty much all the same. Describe people and families and houses. Describe feelings and emotions.

All of those are important but as a hobby writer myself (yes, I write creatively for myself on the side) it is also important to know how to describe the environment and climate and geography.

Geography Descriptive Writing is available as a print-only resource or a Google Classroom™ resource to meet your personal teaching need.

Obviously, base your teaching style on your students needs but I would say for the first few landforms or biomes you need to guide your students.

This is listed as not grade specific since it would work well in any grade. Don’t be scared that it is too young or too advanced – different age groups will simply use a different set of descriptive words.

Click the image to go to my TpT store for this resource. This is the PRINT-ONLY Version.

Click the image to go to my TpT store for this resource. This is the Google Classroom™ version.


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