Shop Small TpT Stores

Welcome to the third annual Shop Small TpT Store blog! I hope you find something you like and will support a small TpT shop this holiday season.

Here was my criteria for selection:

  • Must be a small shop (fewer than 3,000 followers)
  • Resource must have a cover
  • For middle and high school only

I have NOT reviewed these resources and make no guarantees about quality. I do however want you to consider finding a new great resource created by a small shop owner because we make great resources too!

Some resources are free while others are for purchase.

Middle School Resources

High School Resources

Not Grade Specific

Clip art

My Shameless Promotion

Social studies/history resources for grades K – 12. Here’s a brief selection of what I’ve got!

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  1. Thanks so much for making the effort to shine the light on other small selelrs! It’s incredibly generous. As a small seller of one of the resources you’ve posted, I really value the exposure 🙂

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