Four Plants for Classrooms with Little to No Light

Not every classroom is blessed with windows (why windowless schools was ever a design choice is beyond my comprehension). Some classrooms are unfortunately placed (i.e. northern exposure windows). Regardless, if you think you want to add some plants to your room but are worried about how much light your classroom has, here is a list of plants that will grow in your poorly lit classroom.

  1. Peace Lily

This is always going to be my number one recommendation for plants. It is difficult to kill, doesn’t need a lot of attention, purifies the air, and looks beautiful. This plant also needs very little light. In fact, it HATES direct sunlight.

This plant does well with only interior lighting which is why it is the number one plant of offices and enclosed malls (you will notice them everywhere now).

If you get your peace lily to bloom those lovely white flowers and you think they smell (as lovely as they look, I can’t stand them) just cut them off. It will not hurt your peace lily.

Peace Lily
Listed as public domain on WikiCommons

2. Moss

Probably not something you thought was a houseplant but it will definitely survive your classroom with little light. It isn’t going to improve air quality but it will give your room a little life and color.

Build a terrarium to keep the moss moist and place the terrarium someplace where the sun will not shine on it. Also don’t place it on your heater/air conditioner. I personally love moss because of all the different shades of green, the shapes, and the textures.

DIY this or purchase from various sellers. Definitely check out Etsy. Super cool things happening there.

Bob Blaylock. Wikipedia. CC By-SA 4.0

3. Mint

Yes, mint. Usually grown at home for cooking or drinks this plant will grow in your low light classroom. Nibble on the leaf for when you have bad breath or just take a snip and smell in-between classes for a little aromatherapy. Nothing wrong with a little mint flavored water either. Place in your room where light filters in but this plant doesn’t need direct sunlight so no worries if you don’t have great window placement or just really want this to stay on your desk.

sunnysingh22. Wikipedia. CC BY-SA 3.0

4. Ferns

Beautiful textures, long leaves, dark green color, and air purifiers. What’s not to like? Ferns are hardy plants that can sit in the dark corner of your classroom and will bring a liveliness to the area.

Ferns can be found in many floral stores. Don’t dig them up. Leave them in the ground as it is actually against local and state laws in some cases.

Sanjay ach. Wikipedia. CC BY-SA 3.0

For more on which plants will purify your classroom air check out:


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