World History Couples Matching Game on Google Classroom™

Celebrating all of the little holidays stops when students get to high school but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t enjoy a themed lesson. You can still engage in meaningful learning and high-level thinking skills when you take a day off to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

History is full of famous couples who actually represent something more than the relationship they shared. For example, does anyone actually celebrate the marriage between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn or do people focus on the ramifications of the relationship? This is the essence of the the matching game on Google Classroom™.

The resource is split into two distinct lessons, giving you flexibility. The first part is the actual matching game. Twelve prompts ask students to match the person with their spouse. Use ctrl + x to cut the purple heart then use ctrl + v to paste it in the correct position. Simple. Easy. Fun. Themed for Valentine’s Day.

The second part is the writing prompts assignments. I split them up mostly because I didn’t want the answers to be readily available for students. Each couple has a writing prompt but you are able to delete pages for a more tailored assignment for your classroom.

Ready to purchase? Head over to my TpT store. This is a Google Classroom™ resource which means you have to have a Google account to use it.

Like this idea but don’t have Google Classroom™? Get a VERY similar resource but without the writing exercises.


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