Addressing a Letter: A Google Classroom™ Resource

This resource came to be when I had a chance to flip through my son’s second grade social studies textbook. I thought it would be fun to build this lesson for him and I love how it turned out.

First, this resource was built entirely for Google Classroom™ which means it is completely prep free. All you have to do is assign it. Students can work on this individually or you can use it as a guided lesson via Google Meet™.

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I wanted this resource to be self-guided. Your students can click back and forth to reference pages as they need it. Can’t remember an abbreviation? That’s okay. They can easily click back and forth and stay on pace with the class.

Notice the palm tree stamp at the top. Students even have to remember to place the stamp on their letter.

This is also a gradual release designed lesson. There are three pages of guided practice, guiding students through different types of addresses before they complete three independent practice pages that gives them an opportunity to show what they learned. Again, they can click to reference pages easily to get the information they need which hopefully gives you more time to work closely with the students who need it.

This page shows common postal abbreviations.

The guided practice page has a name and address prompt above for students to type in the ready textboxes.


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