Chinese Women’s History Short Reads

I don’t want to contribute to the deletion of women from history and that is certainly true when teaching Asian history. Unfortunately, for many reasons, the American resources that schools often use, whether it is for Asian history or world history, never include more than one woman, Wu Zetian, the only woman to rule China.

Fortunately for you, I’ve done the research and now you can include several more women and aspects of women’s history in your Chinese specific studies for your Asian history or world history class.

Wu Zetian took control of the government during the Tang Dynasty and proclaimed herself Empress of China. Ruling for about 15 years she changed the course of history for history in China.

She may have been the most powerful person in China yet she ruled through the proclaimed Emperor rather than on her own. This difference doesn’t diminish her achievements though.

This is one of China’s most sacred values but its affect on women and women’s rights cannot be undermined. Students need to understand what it is and how it influenced laws for or against women for centuries.

One of the most grotesque disfiguring elements against women in human history, students will learn what the practice is and how it limited a woman’s life physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Each short read comes with a Common Core-aligned summary that focuses on historical thinking skills such as opinion forming, historical analysis, causation, chronology, and more. The summaries can be an important part of the lesson or you could simply use the short reads in order to integrate more women into your studies.

The short reads are available individually (click on the image above that you want to purchase in my TpT store), in a Chinese Women’s History Short Reads Bundle, in an Asian Women’s History Short Reads Bundle (you’ll get a variety of Asian women short reads), or in my Complete Asian Bundle.

If you are looking for Google Classroom™ these short reads are available in that format as well.

The Chinese women’s short reads are available in Google Classroom™ individually as well. Click on the short read you want and follow the link in the product description.


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