Pennsylvania Essential Social Studies Resources

Of all the Pennsylvania social studies standards, I know that teachers tend to skip the PA specific requirements. Whether its because the teacher honestly doesn’t know what to include or they don’t know the history well enough to build a meaningful lesson, it doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve created a three PA specific resources that are absolutely essential for grades 1 – 3 and will meet your PA requirements.

Available in both print-only or Google Classroom™

Clickable links to important vocabulary throughout too!

Available in both print-only or Google Classroom™

Pennsylvania Geography and Pennsylvania Founding Fathers is available in both a print-only version or Google Classroom™. At this time, PA State Symbols is only available in Google Classroom™.

Pennsylvania Geography covers basic geography since it was created for grades 1 – 3. Students will focus on cardinal directions, PA regions, weather, and the difference between physical and human geography. There is important reading passages on each page as well as student activities and a very short summary. This is probably your students first PA specific geography lesson which means it doesn’t get too deep but there is still plenty of information to learn.

PA State Symbols is a Google Classroom™ resource that includes multiple short reads with pictures that highlights PA’s state symbols. Students will read about fireflies, the Liberty Bell, White-tailed deer, Ruffed Grouse, and many more creatures and things. There are multiple summary pages for students to complete to help them focus their reading and learning. Because this is a Google Classroom™ resource it is entirely prep free.

Pennsylvania Founding Fathers covers PA’s most important founders in our early history. Everyone knows Benjamin Franklin but most Pennsylvanians don’t know about Wharton, Mifflin, or Morris. The readings are short and emphasize each man’s importance to PA rather than their overall accomplishments. For example, Benjamin Franklin has many (MANY) accomplishments and value to the country as a whole and while I include a few of these, students read more about his participation in PA state government and the founding of important PA institutions.

Purchase these resources individually or get them all in one essential bundle. The bundle includes all versions of the resources available too!

Cilck here to purchase this bundle from my TpT store.


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