Build-a-cartouche: An Ancient Egypt Add-on Activity

Cartouches are cool. They are mysterious, make fun decoding activities, and are a great way to add an activity to an Ancient Egypt unit. Regardless of the grade level you teach, your students will have a great time building their own cartouche.

The cartouche is the circle-like shape that surrounds a name written in hieroglyphics. Names needed to be protected – that is the purpose of the cartouche. Now your students can build their own cartouche with their name.

Paper version:

The paper version is included at the end of my Ancient Egypt Coloring Pages. The pages are short reads about some of the most iconic symbols and buildings in Ancient Egypt. At the end, students will cut the hieroglyphics for their name and paste them into a blank cartouche. Super fun.

Google Classroom™ version:

In the Google Classroom™ version, the build-a-cartouche resource is a stand-alone resource. Students will cut and paste the hieroglyphics to build their own cartouche. Obviously, this resource works well for teachers who need a virtual option but many teachers are embracing the no-paper teaching method. Either way, your students still get to complete this activity.

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