Pennsylvania Founding Fathers

Despite being part of the Pennsylvania social studies standards, I highly doubt most Pennsylvanians could name a PA founding father other than Benjamin Franklin. If that describes you AND you are a PA teacher who is supposed to be teaching about the founding fathers, have no fear. I have the perfect resource for you.

Select either the print-only edition or get it for Google Classroom™ and know that your students will meet all of the standards required.

There are 25 pages of short reads and summaries for seven of PA’s most important founders. There are dedicated pages explaining what a founding father is, the original PA land charter, and the difference between being a US and a PA founding father.

There are select vocabulary words that students should know and in the Google Classroom™ version, they are clickable so students can read a student-friendly definition. In the print-only edition, the definitions are included in the workbook.

Pictures of the men are in both the print-only and the Google Classroom™ version.

Definitions are highlighted in the text with student readable definitions.

Seven of PA’s founding fathers are included.


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