Quick Last Minute Elementary Social Studies Resources for the End-of-the-Year

Social studies is the ignored subject by elementary school teachers due to the fact that most states do not test social studies. Stop using that as your excuse to skip the lessons because they are important and students need these lessons for future years.

Here are some quick and easy social studies lessons for your elementary students:

  1. US Symbols for Google Classroom™

This non-grade specific Google Classroom™ resource highlights America’s most important symbols. Images are included for every symbol along with an easy short read history so students understand how it became a symbol of America and why it is important.

2. State Capitals Flash Cards

Work on the state capitals with some old-school flash cards. Follow the instructions for front/back printing. This would be a good whole-group or pair exercise. Once students master one of the options below switch it up. This resource comes with all four options.

  • Option 1: state/capital.
  • Option 2: State shapes/names.
  • Option 3: State shapes with names/capitals.
  • Option 4: State shapes with names/state abbreviations.

3. Integrated Elementary Math & History

This four-volume series is better for upper elementary students and is a great review of American history.

Click the image for the print only version and the bullet points for the Google Classroom™ version.

This resource is available in as a print-only or Google Classroom™.

Would you rather see a freebie sample before purchasing? I’ve got you covered.

4. Chronology: a significant history skill

I have a few resources in my TpT store dedicated to chronology. It is an awesome way to practice some early math skills but students need to work on how they perceive before/after, cause/effect, and the passage of time.

  • Chronology. This resource is about putting dates in order. Students can also create their life stories with dates.
  • Centuries. Same concept as chronology but with centuries instead of dates.
  • George Washington Chronology: available in a print-only version or for Google Classroom™, students will put Washington’s major life events in chronology order.
  • Abraham Lincoln Chronology: available in a print-only version or for Google Classroom™, students will put Lincoln’s major life events in chronology order.

5. History Skill Builders

This seven-part series focuses on history skills students need to develop in order to succeed in their future history classes. Each history skill is available individually or in a full bundle. Create a history center activity that has students rotate from skill to skill.

Try the freebie and substitute your morning work for a week.

  • Timelines
  • Chronology
  • Periodization
  • Historical sources
  • Data
  • Vocabulary
  • World history periodization


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