Tru’ng Sisters Short Read

Until it became my mission to discovery women to add to Asian curriculum I had never heard of the Tru’ng Sisters. Their story was one of my favorites that I found.

The Tru’ng Sisters are historical icons in Vietnam. Their bravely fought the invading Han Chinese, keeping them out of Vietnam for a short time. The sisters didn’t just fight, they led the military campaign. The oldest sister, Tru’ng Trac became the temporary queen, although some accounts say the sisters were co-regnants.

This short read is only 425 words which means that you can absolutely fit this into your world history or Asian history curriculum. Women were not hidden in history, instead, they have been ignored and many times purposefully erased from the narrative. Be proactive – put them back into the learning.

Also available in a Google Classroom™ format.


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