Free High School History Resources in my TpT Store

Everyone loves freebies. Download some of my favorite freebies for your high school world history class. Click the image to be directed to my TpT store for download.

Social Studies Vocabulary AND Social Studies Project

These are two different resources that I also like to suggest together. Working with just vocabulary gets boring. Adding the social studies project to the vocabulary really did help my students understand the words they often saw in their work. Plus, the project is the EASIEST project you will ever assign to your students.

The vocabulary is a list of frequently used words in textbooks and standardized tests but many of them are not highlighted words. Yet, if your students don’t know the meaning, they will have a difficult time understanding the material. Words such as agrarian, coalition, fiduciary, orator, and union. Differentiate what I call super words – words you use all the time and with multiple meanings like union. These words are denoted in the download.

The social studies project uses those same words. Students will choose 50 words from the list and use them in project. They must use them in context, showing that they understand the meaning of the word. And students can do whatever they want. I collected written stories, movies, cartoons, a song, and many other unique and amazing projects. Of course, if you don’t have the ability to view digital projects then set that limit before hand but I loved letting students choose their project. They feel creative and it makes them feel in charge of their learning. There was a night and day difference in their knowledge of the vocabulary list.

Fun History Writing Prompts

This free sample of a larger, paid resources includes 5 free prompts. Complete a new one every day for a week or spread them out and complete one a week. The prompts are silly and fun, not serious because history doesn’t always have to be serious. This resource was inspired by some of the conversations I’ve had with fellow historians.

Even though it says writing prompt, a whole-class discussion is a great way to change up.

Queens of Africa Free Sample

My five-part series highlighting the women who ruled Africa is a great way to include more women into your world history class while at the same time learning about the unique history of Africa. The free sample allows you to get an idea of the writing and how the series is structured.

The paid resources are a collection of short reads. The freebie is a mix of those short reads.

The freebie includes short reads about regnants or consorts, kandakes, Maleqorobar & Lahideamani (Kingdom of Kush), Queens of Sheba (Queens of Ethiopia), Rangita & Rafohy (Queens of Madagascar), and the Timbuktu Manuscripts.

Social Studies Skill Builders: Free Sample

Although this free sample was built using third grade social studies standards I am including it in this high school freebie blog because not every student has a solid background in social studies. There are many reasons why high school students need a basic review or an introduction to curriculum that is below their actual grade level.

The free sample includes one of each type of social studies content: economics, government, history, geography, and vocabulary.

The paid resources are divided by nine-week grading periods.


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