Fun History Writing Prompts

How could you tell your Model-T from your neighbors Model-T?

Which would you rather live in: castle or palace?

Which old skill would you rather have: being able to dial an 11-digit number on a rotary phone or grabbing a CD without touching any part of it?

These are the tough history questions that we should all be asking ourselves.

My history friends and I have asked each other so many of the questions included in this fun writing resource. Those conversations are what inspired this resource. Talking about history can be so much fun especially if you ask the silly questions. But the silly questions can lead to some amazing conversations and delve deep into the heart of history.

How could you tell your Model-T from your neighbors Model-T? This gets into mass production, labor laws, socio-economic differences, and the lightning quick evolution of technological innovations of the 20th century.

Comparing the differences between the construction and purpose of a castle and palace leads to the discussion about the execution of government, differing historical figures, and the advancement of construction.

Students don’t necessarily need to know about rotary phones to meet state standards but recalling the pathway of phone lines and party lines to private lines, cell phones, smartphones helps students see the advancement of technology. Plus it is really strange that old phone lines were all shared and that rotary phones were once the height of technology.

This TpT resource is available in my store and comes with 110 different fun history prompts. This can be used as a fun writing prompt exercise, bell work or morning work, exit ticket, substitute work, or could even be a way to engage your classroom in discussions.

Download the freebie version for ten free prompts to get started.


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