Chinese History Essentials Bundle

Especially if you do not have a textbook or other curriculum supplies, teaching Chinese history can be daunting. It is a long and highly documented history that makes it difficult to narrow down the curriculum to what American students need to know. Check out my Chinese History Essentials Bundle.

This TpT bundle includes five of my Chinese history resources, saving you 30%. This bundle has some of my top five selling Chinese history resources and can be used throughout the school year.

Asian History Timelines Posters

Send these posters to any print shop and have a great reference for your students. Print all three or just the Chinese history posters.

This is an essential resource because the timeline of Chinese history does NOT translate to the Euro-American timeline. Have this visual reminder of the timeline of the history always on display for your students.

Chinese Dynasties Flip book with Maps

Keep your students organized with my Chinese Dynasties Flip book. The dynasties are already in order and will remain that way all year. The book is blank except for a map of the extent of the dynasty. The visual helps students think about centralized or decentralized power in China.

Chinese History Puzzles

Play a game in class. Challenge your students thinking and see if they can match the prompts to the correct Chinese dynasty. The puzzle prompts can also be used to help organize a class discussion or quick writing prompts. They are short and to the point rather than long and rambling.

This resource does require some prep time. The puzzle was designed to be easy to cut and reduce paper waste. If you trust your students to cut on the line, save the prep and have your students do it.

Chinese History Writing Task Cards

The last two resources included in the essentials bundle are my Chinese History Writing Task Cards. The first spans the Xia – Sui Dynasties and 105 different writing prompts. The prompts include low-level writing prompts to high-level essay prompts. The second set spans the Tang dynasty – the Republic and includes 85 different writing prompts.

Never think about writing prompts again.

Take a look at the full bundle in my TpT store. To see each resource individually click on the links in my TpT store.


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