Pennsylvania Ice Age

Pennsylvania ice age history isn’t taught in every classroom but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to learn. Our ge0graphy was shaped by the ice age and we were home to many wonderful creatures of the ice age. Plus, this resource aligns with some grades science standards making it a truly integrated social studies topic.

What Included

This resource includes 20-pages of reading and images that highlight Pennsylvania’s unique ice age history. Students will learn about the measurement of time, how glaciers changed the landscape, as well as the life and extinction of many animals.

I constructed this resource to work as a fully instructional resource so you won’t need additional resources to teach the lesson but if you want this could also work in conjunction with your set curriculum as well.

Science standards in a history lesson?

That’s right. You can also meet some of your PA science standards with this history lesson. Second, third, and fifth grades are lucky enough to have science standards that work well with this resource. Check out the standards in my description on my TpT page.

Print versus Google

Some teachers are looking for the print only version while others want the flexibility of a Google Classroom™ version. I have both available for this resource. Click the image below to see the resource in my TpT store.


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