Queens of Madagascar

Madagascar has a long history of queen regnants and was a country of unrelenting materialism. Until the Europeans arrived anyway.

Once the Europeans set their sights on Madagascar, they infused their code of paternalism and a great social shift occurred. The women of Madagascar fought changing gender roles and expectations while at the same time resisted European control of their island. They are now remembered with a European bias which probably doesn’t give us an accurate portrayal of them.

This TpT resource is a great way to add more women to your history classes but also allows you a glimpse of the effects of colonialism on a country. Constant battles for influence and supremacy weakened the monarchy and undermined its leaders.

Part III of my Queens of Africa series, the Queens of Madagascar, include short read biographies for six queen regnants, one heir apparent, and includes three summaries.

This is a print-and-go resource and can be used in TpT Easel, a tool that allows you to assign the readings and summaries digitally.

Interested in adding more women to your African history classes? Check out the whole bundle.

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