Taking a winter break

I take a winter break every year. Writing, editing, and formatting blogs is time consuming and during December, I am just too busy. Being honest with myself, I’m too busy in the first half of January too as the new year starts too which is why I don’t return until mid-way through January.

2021 has been particularly challenging to social studies content writers though. I am burned out. I am taking my break a week earlier than planned because I just don’t have it in me to write anymore blogs which are usually done at this point.

Normally I come back at the end of January but I may push it to the beginning of February. No one reads my blog faithfully anyway and I am only writing this because I don’t like reading blogs and not knowing if the blog and the owner are still active.

See you next year. Happy holidays. Happy New Year.


Here are some of my ranting style blogs that you may find interesting and fit my mood.

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