Pennsylvania Essential Bundle

It’s easy for teachers to skip the Pennsylvania specific standards because teachers don’t have resources to help teach the information. I’ve begun creating a variety of Pennsylvania specific social studies content and created an essential bundle to help you meet your requirements.

Pennsylvania Symbols

This Google Classroom™ resource is an opportunity to have students work independently either at home through distance learning or during centers time in the classroom. There are 12 short reads for each Pennsylvania symbol with 4 summary pages throughout to ensure students comprehended what they learned.

Vocabulary words are clickable with go back buttons to help student navigation.

Use in the classroom or during the new “snow days.”

No print version available.

Pennsylvania Geography

This is a 10-page resource that covers a variety of geography standards such as physical vs. human geography, rural and urban, weather, and cardinal directions. Student review all this while focusing on Pennsylvania. Geography standards? Check. Pennsylvania standards? Check.

Both the print-only and Google Classroom™ versions are included in the bundle.

Pennsylvania Founding Fathers

Other than Benjamin Franklin, most Pennsylvanians can’t name a PA founding father which is why many teachers skip teaching about them. We are quite lucky that our state founding fathers were also influential as country founding fathers and we know a lot about them.

The biographies gives students an understanding about each man’s place and accomplishments and how they influenced Pennsylvania. Seven founding fathers are highlighted.

Both the print-only and Google Classroom™ versions are included in the bundle.


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