Pennsylvania Regional Geography

I’m not sure if the love of geography is genetic but I certainly loved learning it when I was in school and so does my oldest. We’d worked on learning the state names and capitals, their locations, and then I decided he needed to master Pennsylvania geography.

First, I created Pennsylvania Geography for Grades 1 – 3 (available as print only or as a Google Classroom™ resource) and followed up with this fun workbook. Pennsylvania Regional Geography focuses on two types of regional geography: the regional geography of Pennsylvania itself and then the surrounding states and geography.

Obviously, things are very different from the west side of the state to the east side of the state. Pennsylvania divides itself into regions and organizes its services that way too. Students should know what the regions in PA are and the features of the various areas.

But Pennsylvania is the Keystone State. We are surrounded by six states and a large, distinctive body of water. The surrounding regional geography of PA is also important and students should know all of this information as well.

The resource was built for grades 2 – 5 but definitely works best for grades 3 and 4. But every classroom is different. Older students who had limited social studies instruction would benefit from this resource.

The workbook is 13 pages. A teacher’s edition is included. I would project the teacher’s edition onto the whiteboard or a smartboard for certain pages to make sure students are coloring the maps correctly.

Students will work with cardinal and ordinal directions to complete prompts. It may be best to have a separate map ready to help students find the information themselves. It could also be a guided instruction lesson.

Students will need to locate cities to mark their maps and be able to identify neighboring states and major bodies of water. I also included prompts that ask students to locate the nearest city or state to their hometown. Students in Wilkes-Barre will be more concerned with New Jersey and New York than students in Washington who need to know about Ohio and West Virginia.


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