Top 25 Inventions and Discoveries: A Google Classroom™ Resource

Get your students thinking, reasoning, analyzing, and comprehending some of world history’s most important concepts. Now your students have an opportunity to think about the development of the human story in history in relation to the most important inventions and discoveries. How monumental was the discovery of fire? Was it more important or significant than the internet? Your students will decide.

This Google Classroom™ resource includes 31 moveable picture prompts for students to rank their chosen inventions and discoveries. Students must choose only 25 however. It is interesting to see which inventions and discoveries they eliminated entirely.

There is also a writing prompt at the end of the resource that asks for students to justify their choices.

Use this as an opportunity for classroom discussion or debate. Have students use their ranking as a guide but debate as a class to create a combined top 25.

This resource would be PERFECT for the end of the year but don’t discount using it at the beginning AND the end. See how students’ choices change after the full academic year.

I also have a paper version of this resource although it is packaged a little differently. It is styled as a basketball tournament but still has the same idea.


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