World History Activities on Google Classroom™

Google Classroom™ resources are an opportunity to stretch your teaching wings a little and try something new. Digital learning doesn’t mean it is all reading and typing. These activities are all created for high school world history classes and all require Google Classroom™. Use them during a regular class period, during centers, snow days, or substitute work.

Top 25 Inventions and Discoveries

This is a digital spin on one of my history games, Tournament of Technology. Students are given many different choices of the world’s greatest inventions and discoveries and they must rank them 1 – 25. Some of the choices won’t be included in the final ranking which forces students to really consider their options. And my favorite part is every student will have a different answer.

I recommend using this activity at the beginning of the school year and then again at the end of the year. Once students have completed a world history course their answers will change and the discussion will be different. It would be super cool if they save their original answers so they can compare.


No one needs to write their name with Egyptian hieroglyphics but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. Add this to your ancient Egyptian lesson just for something fun to do. It’s memorable and students will appreciate the little break.

Couples Matching Game

Remembering names in world history can be overwhelming. Finding a way to remember the importance of these people and the events around them is what inspired this digital resource. And I wanted a Valentine’s Day game because high school students want to celebrate holiday’s in school too.

There are 12 couples to match and then writing summaries that help redirect the names to the events surrounding them. This is a Common Core-aligned resource, includes couples from various cultures, and is built to be used exclusively with Google Classroom™.

Must-know Dates

Dates are my kryptonite. As a historian you’d think I’d be better but they just escape me. This is why I gravitated towards world history because it is more centered on themes and time periods versus specific dates. Nevertheless, some dates are just essential.

There are 30 dates and events that students must match. Only 25% of the dates are European/American centric which makes this truly a world history resource and it was created specifically for Google Classroom™.


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