Social Studies Vocabulary Puzzles

My first three products in my TpT store were all free and they were all related to social studies vocabulary. When I taught, I gave my students a large social studies vocabulary list and made them learn all of the words. I thought others would like the list as well.

Sept 2017 Cover    Vocabulary    Vocabulary Cover

Most words included were common throughout multiple social studies classes and were not subject specific. These high frequency words often give students difficultly because teachers do not focus on these words as they should.

Now, you can get Social Studies Vocabulary Puzzles!

Social Studies Vocabulary

There are 117 puzzles included! Obviously, you don’t expect students to complete all of the puzzles in one class period. Split them up by unit or theme – use them year-round!

Way to use them:

  1. Small group activity
  2. Part of station work
  3. Quiz
  4. Scavengar hunt
  5. Substitute work

The FREE vocabulary list can be supplemented with the FREE Project (the easiest project your students will ever have!) and now Puzzles. By the end of the year, students will be well versed in important social studies vocabulary and will do better on their end of year exams!

Have students work in pairs or small groups to complete these puzzles. If you take time throughout the year to print a class set, laminate them for durability, you eventually will have enough to have students work individually.

These puzzles could even be placed on students desks for bell work. Have the students complete two or three puzzles for bell work, take a few minutes to review the words, and voila! You completed a vocabulary review and got students in the mindset for learning!

Want to try the Free Sample of Social Studies Vocabulary Puzzles? Click the picture below!

Social Studies Vocabulary Puzzles FREE PREVIEW


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