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Adding more women to your world history or Asian history classes can be difficult for many of us because we studied a European-centric curriculum. I knew I wanted to add more women to my world history curriculum but the list of Asian women was limited to two names: Empress Wu and Dowager Empress Cixi. Both women are Chinese.

I set out to find more Asian women to enrich history classrooms and was delighted to learn about the Tru’ng Sisters.

The Tru’ng Sisters led the Vietnamese against the invading Han Chinese army. Stunning the advancing army, the Tru’ng Sisters were able to stop the invasion for a while, forcing them to rethink their invasion strategy.

In the end, Vietnam became a Chinese colony for 900 but in the end, the Tru’ng Sisters triumphed. They are still remembered and celebrated in Vietnam.

This short read resource was designed to fit into your world history or Asian history class without taking a lot of time. I know firsthand that history teachers never have enough time. This short read is only 425 words long.

Students will learn about the two sisters, what they did, and their legacy today.

There are five pages of summary work that do align with Common Core standards if that matters to your classroom. The summaries ask students to read creatively and to consider perspective/point-of-view.

Looking for even more Asian women to add to your history classes? Click here to read the Asian Women’s History Short Reads Bundle blog.

Click here to go directly to my TpT store to see the full bundle.


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