Pharaoh Queens

This is the final installment in my Queens of Africa series. To catch up on the others first click the links below:

Like the other resources before, Pharaoh Queens is a collection of short reads that are designed to fit into your world history classes (or Africa history class if you are lucky enough to teach one). As a former history teacher, I know it is difficult to add more curriculum to your course but the inclusion of women is so important. We are 50% of the population after all. And women ruled too.

Pharaoh Queens highlights seven women who ruled Egypt throughout its ancient history. Some of the women were regents, ruling until their son came of age, and others were regnants, women who ruled on their own. A reading explaining the difference is also included.

Other short reads are included to help students understand ancient Egypt. Like, what exactly is Upper Egypt? What is the difference between a king, a queen, and a pharaoh?

You can include all of these readings in your class or pick and choose.

Some of the women have longer short reads than others. This is entirely due to what information is available to us. We’re talking about history that is well over 2,000 years old here. A lot has been lost in that time. In fact, it stands to reason that there were probably more women who held power in Egypt but we simply don’t have the information anymore.

There is a trauma warning with this Queens of Africa resource. Not all passages are appropriate for all students. Please look at the preview on my TpT page to see what information may need more consideration before you purchase.

This resource has several pages of summaries ready to go, making this a truly print-and-go resource.

To see the other options in my TpT store click the image below.


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